Basic Info

Full Name: Casey Zener
Name Origin:

Casey: Edgar Cayce, a famous psychic; Zener: Zener cards, cards used to test psychic ability

Age: 24
Location: Fractura City, New Logora
Role: Gym Leader
Type Specialty: Psychic
Gym Leader Title: A Sixth Sense for Pokémon Battling
Gym Badge: Lucid Badge
Gym TM(s):


Walk into Casey's gym expecting a place of meditation and concentration and you'll be sorely disappointed. Casey is the kind of guy who revels in loads of action, confusion and the occasional laugh at his opponent's expense, and if he doesn't think you can keep up then he won't even consider your challenge.

About Casey

Casey comes from a family with a long history of psychic abilities—his cousin Sabrina is a Psychic-specialist gym leader in Kanto–but even though he's doing similar work in Fractura City he's far from your average psychic. He was never interested in the art of gazing into the future or in quiet meditation time with his Pokémon; his usual telekinetic activities are a bit difficult to describe, but it's probably a start to say that as a child he was sent to detention on more than one occasion for his infamous "across the room atomic wedgie". (He may or may not still do this to people.) He's impatient, a little tactless and something of a troublemaker, but when he does actually put his mind to something—Pokémon battling, for example—he makes for a very dangerous foe. He expects his opponents to be equally dangerous and keep him entertained, and as such he has stopped accepting challenges from boring inexperienced trainers.