Basic Info

Full Name: Alzlbex Lochlan
Name Origin:

Alzlbex: a traditional Tanoby name; Beck: means "dweller by the brook"; Lochlan: loch

Age: 17
Location: Falantr City, New Logora
Role: Gym Leader
Type Specialty: Water
Gym Leader Title: The Ace of the Aquatic
Gym Badge: Gulf Badge
Gym TM(s):


Beck may be young, but he knows a lot about Tanoby history. He also knows a lot about drowning his opposition with Water Pokémon—be ready for a dunking if you step into his gym!

About Beck

Beck serves as Falantr City's gym leader and is a respected Water-type specialist in spite of his young age. When he isn't busy with the gym Beck can usually be found helping his mother, Liruda, with her work for the Revivalists. He's taken a passionate interest not only in the work of the Revivalists but in his Tanoby heritage in general, and so has become quite the history buff. If you're ever in the neighborhood or around the gym and you have a question or two, feel free to stop by... but be sure to ask for Beck specifically. Not his dad. Don't ask his dad questions about the Tanoby. That's not a thing that you should do. Please.

His first name isn't actually "Beck", but he asks everyone to call him that because his real given name, Alzlbex, is borderline unpronounceable.