Basic Info

Full Name: Angel Sniegowski
Name Origin:

Angel: snow angel; Sniegowski: snieg, Polish for snow

Age: 21
Location: Baaresa Town, New Logora
Role: Gym Leader
Type Specialty: Ice
Gym Leader Title: The Empress of Ice
Gym Badge: Whiteout Badge
Gym TM(s):


One of the most competitive Gym Leaders in the League, Angel is anything but sweet when she's been handed a loss. She and her icy Pokémon are going to come at you with everything they've got, so you'd better be prepared if you think you can stand between her and being the best at everything she does.

About Angel

Most gym leaders have their facilities somewhere close to home, but making weekly or even daily trips between Dia City and Baaresa Town is nothing to Angel. A brisk flight out of the city in her Rakateis's talons, a little hike up an icy mountain here and there—as far as she's concerned the tricky commute only makes her job at the Baaresa Gym all the more interesting. She adores any sort of adventure or demanding physical activity, from intensive Pokémon training with her team of Ice-types to spelunking to rugby to whitewater rafting to BASE jumping to participating in Etaoin City's biannual Running of the Bossorna... if you can imagine it and most people would find it anywhere from mildly exhausting to "no please stop why on earth would anyone do that are you insane", Angel has probably done it once or thrice. The only thing she doesn't like about her favorite sports is anyone who's better at them than she is, so watch your step should you manage to defeat her in the gym!

Angel does occasionally take it easy by participating in Pokémon contests in Dia City's grand hall, and she's surprisingly good at it given her apparent preference for more extreme competitions. It may or may not also be surprising that she is no more gracious a loser in the contest hall than she is anywhere else.