Parental Bond

Flavor Text

Parent and child attack together.


Lets the bearer hit twice with most damaging moves, and in most cases the second hit has 0.25× its original power.

Secondary effects (e.g., stat drops or causing paralysis) have a chance to activate on both hits. Effects that cause the user or target to switch out, effects that affect the target's item (e.g., Pluck), and effects that would cure the target of a condition (e.g., Smelling Salts) will activate on the second hit only. Assurance's first hit counts as previous damage taken in the same turn for purposes of the second hit. If the user is holding a consumable item or is under an effect that would affect the damage, e.g. a gem or Stockpile, the item activates on the first hit only, although Natural Gift will hit twice using the base power and type from the consumed berry, and Spit Up will also hit twice.

Moves with the Has recharge turn flag will hit twice, then recharge for one turn as normal. Moves with the Has charge turn flag will only hit once, even if the user executes the move within the same turn. Moves that deal a fixed or specific amount of damage (e.g., Seismic Toss, Counter or Super Fang) will deal the full respective amount for each hit, except for Psywave, which is re-randomized for each hit and not halved for the second hit.

Present hits only once if the first hit heals the target, but hits twice if the first hit deals damage (and the second hit will always deal damage). Endeavor and moves that cause the user to faint after use only hit once.

There is only one accuracy check for the move used, so if the first hit misses then the second hit will not occur, but each hit has a separate critical hit check and will trigger most abilities or effects twice (e.g., a target with Static will have two chances to paralyze the user). King's Shield and Spiky Shield take effect on the second hit only.

Self-inflicted confusion damage only occurs once.

Pokémon with Parental Bond as a standard ability (1)

Canon Pokémon (1)

Mega Kangaskhan
Mega Kangaskhan
Parental Bond