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NL-137 Caslot
The Chance Pokémon darkdex.gif/fairydex.gif
Evolutionary Family


Caslot are believed to foretell, and perhaps even cause, both lucky and unlucky events. They are highly unpredictable in battle, and when their two tails start twitching back and forth almost anything can happen.


Some people believe that Caslot have the ability to predict earthquakes, and those who live along fault lines keep them as an early warning system. Others believe that the Pokémon themselves cause the earthquakes they "foresee".

Flavor Info


Phoenix's Notes

Name Origin: cat + "cast lots", as in to try one's luck

Many people tend to associate black cats with bad luck and, in some cases, white cats with good luck. In other places it's white cats that are unlucky and black cats that are good omens, as white is the color of ghosts. So no matter which superstition you subscribe to, black and white Caslot is a fun little bundle of god-knows-what'll-happen. Why don't you take one on your next trip to Vegas? You could win big! Or lose your money, your house and your pants! (Is that last one lucky or unlucky? Hmm...)

Yes, Absol already touches on the black/white cat idea, but it also draws a lot of inspiration from black dogs, vaguely canine apparitions that have nothing to do with luck but instead foretell disaster. I wanted something a little sillier and more "lighthearted" than fire-and-brimstone, hurricanes-and-death Absol, and Caslot was the result. Seeing one on a bad day probably doesn't mean that Trogdor is coming down to burninate your village, but you might want to hold on to your lucky Dustley's foot and avoid ladders for a while just in case.

And before you try calling me out on the earthquake Pokédex entry or the fact that Caslot learns Magnitude, that's a reference to the actual folk belief that cats can predict earthquakes. So there.

...okay, it's really just because I wanted Caslot to have as many unpredictable moves as possible and was willing to screw logic to achieve my nefarious ends, but people really do believe that so it's almost sort of justified! Now leave me alone and let me enjoy my fun gimmick Pokémon in peace, damn you. >\

Basic Info
Height: 4'3" (1.3 m) Weight: 77.7 lbs (35.2 kg) Gender Ratio: 50% male/50% female
Ability (Dream World): Lucky Shot (Moody)
Base Stats
HP Attack Defense Sp Atk Sp Def Speed Total
70 77 80 77 80 113 497
Misc Info
Catch Rate: 25 Base Happiness: 70
Wild Held Item(s)
Persim Berry (5%)
Rarity Location
Very Rare Fulgurok Caves and Fulgurok Island

Level-Up Moves
1 Metronome
1 Fairy Jinx
1 Roar
1 Assist
8 Present
21 Acupressure
28 Rest
28 Sleep Talk
41 Magnitude
48 Parodize
TM/HM Moves
01 Hone Claws
03 Psyshock
04 Calm Mind
05 Roar
06 Toxic
10 Hidden Power
11 Sunny Day
12 Taunt
15 Hyper Beam
17 Protect
18 Rain Dance
21 Frustration
24 Thunderbolt
25 Thunder
27 Return
28 Dig
29 Psychic
30 Shadow Ball
32 Double Team
33 Reflect
40 Aerial Ace
41 Torment
42 Facade
44 Rest
45 Attract
46 Thief
48 Round
54 False Swipe
57 Charge Beam
63 Embargo
65 Shadow Claw
66 Payback
67 Retaliate
68 Giga Impact
70 Flash
73 Thunder Wave
77 Psych Up
86 Grass Knot
87 Swagger
88 Sleep Talk
89 U-turn
90 Substitute
95 Snarl
97 Dark Pulse
99 Dazzling Gleam
100 Confide
H1 Cut
H4 Strength
ZC02 Bravado
ZC04 Lunar Beam
ZC08 Daring Dash
ZC13 Banshee Howl
ZC14 Whirling Dance
ZC17 Shadow Dart
ZC24 Psych Out
ZC32 Hyperfocus
ZC35 Rainbow Wall
ZC43 Brain Press
ZC45 Shimmer Shot
ZC46 Polter Juggle
ZC48 Rug Pull
ZC52 Berry Share
ZC53 Hidden Gift
ZC54 Clear Sky
Egg Moves
Confuse Ray
Face Slap
Future Sight
Night Slash
Perish Song
Pixie Dust
Tri Attack
Trump Card
Tutor Moves
Aqua Tail
Foul Play
Fury Cutter
Helping Hand
Hyper Voice
Iron Tail
Knock Off
Magic Coat
Magic Room
Natural Gift
Ominous Wind
Pain Split
Secret Power
Shock Wave
Sucker Punch
Wonder Room
Zen Headbutt
ZC Tutors
Revel Dance
Trip Up
Other Moves





By Purplemew12


Another fansprite from Purplemew12, this one a special Valentine's Day version.

(above images based on an earlier design)

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