Flip Turn


Base PowerPower PointsAccuracy
Effect ChancePriorityTarget
—%0Single non-user

Flavor Text

After making its attack, the user rushes back to switch places with a party Pokémon in waiting.

Move Description

The user flips around just before hitting the target, simultaneously striking and pushing off with its legs or tail. The flip turn's force propels the user straight back into its Poké Ball, and another Pokémon is sent out to take its place mid-turn.


Inflicts regular damage, then the user immediately switches out, and the trainer selects a replacement Pokémon from the party. If the target faints from this attack, the user's trainer selects the new Pokémon to send out first. If the user is the last Pokémon in its party that can battle, it will not switch out.

The user may be hit by Pursuit when it switches out, if it has been targeted and Pursuit has not yet been used.

This move may be used even if the user is under the effect of Arena Trap, Block, Magnet Pull, Mean Look, Shadow Tag, Spider Web, or if it is trapped by a partial-trapping move such as Fire Spin, or Ingrain. Ingrain's effect and any trapping will end.

Pokémon that learn Flip Turn by level (3)

Phoenixdex Pokémon (3)

Ice Dark
Streamlined, Slush Rush
Level 47
Skill Link, Draft Rider
Level 45

Pokémon that learn Flip Turn via move relearner (1)

Phoenixdex Pokémon (1)

Pokémon that learn Flip Turn as an egg move (3)

Phoenixdex Pokémon (3)