Making a Poison Point to celebrate

Birthday time! This year's presents: more fakemon ideas, a passel of pointy Poison-types, and a tribute to the biggest event of the spring: allergy season.

...okay, the fakemon have more to do with colds than allergies, but spring's only just started and I'm already suffering so Runnino and Rhinovire are just gonna have to be miserable along with me. They're sniffling their way into Accolanto, and they bring with them a complement of icky new Poison moves: Germ Spray, Plague Storm, Viral Gale and Viral Strike. (Several existing fakemon, like Mortarat and Kurugo, are also gaining these moves.) Less germy but no less likely to stab you and make you unwell are Faelan's Septicorn and Decicorn, possibly the unfriendliest "uni"corns you're likely to meet. I've been meaning to get to those latter two for a while now, so it's nice to finally have them squared away, even if they're not so very nice themselves, heh.

Meanwhile, I've also added some new stuff to the Fakemon Concepts and Ideas page (there are more additions to come, but I still need to sort through it all). At the very least there is one new section near the bottom about concepts derived from names, e.g. "something called 'Maulcano'" or "something called 'Mawuh'", that will also be added to over time. If you're a fellow fakemon creator, be sure to take some new ideas home from the birthday party in a goodie bag!

Finally, there are two additional links on the Fakemon Resources page. Of note is the Rapid-Fire Region Challenge, which might be of interest to you if you're a fakemon creator looking for prompts or for a quick, silly way to jump-start a new region or fakedex.

Seven years, man. Seven years of this junk! Good grief. I should probably be embarrassed or something, but so far I don't feel as though I'm coming to my senses, so hopefully there'll be many more years to come. Happy birthday, Phoenixdex, and I hope you readers are having a better spring than I am! (Or, well, I guess it's fall if you're in the southern hemisphere. I wish I was in the southern hemisphere right now. Sigh.)