Gen VII, desert revamps and that one canon relative you all knew was coming eventually

As promised, (most of) Generation VII is finally here, along with a few other surprises. Heaps of changes ahoy!

First off, happy new year to all you lovely visitors! Last year was... a year, and everything is already kind of nuts and we're not even all the way through January, but hopefully things start/continue looking up for all of you!

Small actual update to start with, but hopefully a snazzy one: I made a quick additional update to add images to the update post summaries, just for a bit of extra visual flair.

I've finished implementing just about everything Gen VII that I intend to implement for now: new moves, new abilities, new TMs (converted to tutors), old Pokémon with updated stats and more. I have all of the new moves/abilities in the database and have handed a fair few out to some of my fakemon; moves/abilities that were not given out (e.g., Sunsteel Strike) are probably not readily visible, but they're there if I ever do need them, I guess. Several names and effects were also tweaked to better match Gen VII or avoid a clash with something this gen introduced (e.g., my move Galvanize is now Jump-Start). I'm not even going to try and list everything that was added or changed, but you're welcome to search around for yourself if you're curious.

I have not done anything with Z-moves, Ultra Beasts or regional variants, as I mentioned before, and probably will not for the foreseeable future. It will probably also be a while before any canon Gen VII Pokémon appear in any of my regions.

I did, however, add support for the new on-evolution/"level 0" move mechanic; you can see Brave Bird marked with a green "EVO" at the top of Osgrave's levelset as an example, and move pages account for them properly as well. I haven't gone through and corrected every single on-evo move yet, largely because I don't remember which fakemon have them and I'm too lazy to look through them all; I will update them as I happen to come across them, though. I've also updated the National Pokédex numbers for all of the fakemon, such that Adargana moved from 722 to 803 and everything else follows accordingly. (There was a tiny hiccup with the automated process that caused at least one mistake; I manually fixed the one I knew about, but there might be a few other wonky numbers lurking out there, whoops.)

I've also added all of the Gen VII moves and abilities to the fakemon generator, so that's up to date as well!

Now for the newer stuff! Er... newer-ish, anyway. The properly new thing is that I've revamped the art for and made some tweaks to Maaphix and its evolutions. Khersin's type has changed from Ground/Rock to Ground/Steel, and it and Maaphix are sporting a fresh new design and paint job. Harmontu isn't, however... and that's because it's been cut from the dex. Apologies if you liked it and are sad to see it go, but the bird-lion design and Ground/Flying type combination were getting in the way of some other ideas I had, and something needed to get the axe. As such, rather than update the art for its existing concept I have given Maaphix a different evolution instead: the Ground/Psychic Imhatan. Godspeed, Harmontu; you were pretty cool aside from how old and gross your art was. Hopefully Imhatan will prove a suitable replacement. (The items Maaphix uses to evolve have also changed to match the new designs.)

One of the reasons Harmontu had to go was because I finally figured out where to put the Tunnowl line I added to Extra Fakemon last year: Tunnowl, Gryphault and Seismogryph have become one of Faelan's pseudo-legendary lines, and received a stat boost to match. You may actually have seen them sitting in Faelan's dex before now; I went ahead and moved them early, although I did also recently touch up their art a little bit so it better matches the rest of the fakes on the site. Mostly just shading tweaks and correcting a few small errors, nothing big.

The Tunnowl line may have left Extra Fakemon for a permanent home, but something new has taken their place: the Steel-type Eeveelution Mercureon! Cue the cheering from rabid Eevee fans/groans of disappointment from people who are sick of Eeveelutions, etc., etc.. Mercureon has also been sitting up on the site for a little while; I didn't want to announce it by itself, so it's getting its official introduction now that I have other stuff to share alongside it. And before you say anything, I know that an Eeveelution shouldn't be a single-stage Pokémon. Mercureon's evolution section is intentionally incorrect for the time being, partially because I need to make a few more decisions about it but mostly because figuring out how to display Eevee's ridiculous evolutionary family is going to drive me up a wall and I don't want to deal with it right now. I'll come up with something later. Will there be more fake Eeveelutions later, too? Not sure; I do have a few ideas, but no current plans to do one for every remaining type or anything like that. We'll just have to see what happens!

Finally, I just want to note that I made a quick addition to the FAQ on the About page. A few people have approached me asking for "collaboration" or something similar, and I wanted to clarify where I stood on that. The short version: no, sorry, I am not interested in collaborating with you on my personal hobby project, and I definitely don't have time to draw your fakemon for you, but please feel free to create your ideas on your own/find someone else to help you (remember, my fakemon are licensed under Creative Commons! You don't need to collaborate with me to do something cool with them, you just need to credit me and then you can run wild!) and show them to other people on your own website/wiki/DeviantArt/Tumblr/whatever.

Whew! I think that's everything. I'd like to try and get back to monthly-ish updates around here for 2017, especially now that I don't have to worry about impending official Pokémon reveals stomping all over my ideas for another generation or so. We'll see how well that goes, but for now, I hope you're enjoying Gen VII, this jumble of updates and the new year!